About Us

cropped-bg-men2.jpgThe Gilbert Men’s Club* is a participatory organization committed to fostering and promoting the common interests of men. The group is dedicated to encouraging cooperation, networking and education among its members. The Club serves men who live or work in Gilbert, AZ.

We share a pride in our community as we come together once a month for a tech savvy tradeshow and breakfast program.  It is an opportunity to benefit from shared interests and exchange new ideas with other thought-provoking individuals.  It is our desire to reinforce alliances and strengthen our community in the true spirit as Citizens of Gilbert.

Gilbert men come from all walks of life – business, family and professional, community leaders, men in government and education and those who have retired – are all welcome as members.

Tradeshow | Breakfast programs are held on a Saturday.  We encourage the exchange of business cards on a personal level.

Although a primary goal is assisting you in navigating your way around Gilbert and beyond, we are also a very social group!

Yearly Membership is:

Individual  $25.00**

Business  $100.00**

**Event/Supply Fees may apply.

*Gilbert Men’s Club is a division of Skipping Stars Productions LLC

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